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Skrivedag: Religion in Norway and the US

Skrevet av A to the H den 15 oktober 2012 klokken 19:55

Dette er da min oppgave i engelsk som jeg gjorde i dag. Kom gjerne med konstruktiv tilbakemelding. Det er kanskje kontroversielt, men jeg har jevnet det ut. Husk også at kommentaren mitt i teksten IKKE er min :)

Religion in Norway and the US.

Religion has always been a huge factor in every single country in the world, and are always a heated discussion topic when the government come forth and states what is about to change. This year - the year of 2012 - the government of Norway decided to banish the state religion, and chose to go secular, and making it more like America. This lead to a huge discussion about whether or not we are selling the national spirit to the immigrants, and giving them the opportunity of making Norway into a Islamic country. There are huge differences about how important the religion is in Norway and America, but the feelings about the Islamic population threatening the national spirit remains the same.

The greatest consequence lies in the national spirit. The Islamic population are growing and growing which can cause a huge fall in the Norwegian and American national spirit. I recently saw a nationalistic and controversial comment talking about whether or not we should allow the Muslim population to have what they want. ‘'It is more important to say; No, we shall not feed these unwanted occupiers with any from for legitimacy for their expansion of a bad culture, which are aiming for ‘'destroying our country''. If they really want to express and worship this then it is better that they go home to their own country, where the superior powers are already melted down and ruined by this bestiality. That must be spot on for them, instead of ruining our country.'' . Unfortunately many Norwegian and American people have these opinions. I know it is really controversial, but comments like this actually fits in, because it is a typical nationalistic comment made by a normal Norwegian man. Same opinions have occurred in the US for the past decade. The ‘'white'' population thought the national spirit were threatened by the black and the Islamic population. This created huge groups such as KKK (Ku Klux Klan), and this might happen to Norway if the government does not cut back on immigration. It is scary to see how nationalistic and inhumane many people become, because they are not getting what they want.

Religion in Norway and the US are two different planets. In America religion is the most common discussion topics. Every week in America there are an average of 43 % attending to church, contra Norway's 3 % . This is a huge difference, and America has about 310,000,000 more in population too. This indicates that secularing the church isn't such a big deal after all, but the Norwegian people actually growls anyway. I would understand if there was about 15 % or more attending to church weekly. But this is hypocrisy at its finest.

Skrivedag: Religion in Norway and the US

''the statistic showing the church attendance.''

In every community in Norway and the US, people are discussing how to build a mosque in their town, and the expenses are coming from the taxes. Is this even a consideration? Why should Norwegian and American people use their tax money to build a mosque which is only in use by the Islamic population? Why not create a foundation where they collect money and fund the mosques together? All these questions lead up the argument of economic independence. Why? Because when you are 18 and higher you are supposed to make your own decisions of what you would like to do with your money independently.
Norway and the US might end up as Germany in the late 30s. This is the most scary part. This can actually happen if the national spirit is threatened to its limits. In the late 30s in Germany many people were outraged by the huge overflow of Jewish people. This combined with the loss in the First World War created a huge depression and suspicion through the German people. Then Hitler came and made this into aggression. The suspicion are in Norwegian and American minds, and can might be triggered if a sentimental and highly gifted speaker comes forth. A bit too extreme? It has happened before, and can happen again. You never know with mankind.

To sum it all up; Yes, the differences are extraordinary when it comes to how important the religion really are. It is two different planets. I believe that the Norwegian population is a bit cynical, egoistic and hypocritical because they feel that the Islamic population comes creeping in and ruins for example the church. But why complain when you never attend church? When it comes to the threatening of the national spirit I believe the Norwegian and American people overestimates the problem, and are just thinking about their own selfish needs. But on the other hand, I understand them quite well when it comes to building mosques from our tax money. That is actually a real kick to the gut, and shows that full economic independence isn't really accomplishable even when you are over 18.