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Indiankobran: Hello there.
kaboka: Dungeons 2 looks so much more interresting then the first one, i was a big fan of Dungeon Keeper ^^
Indiankobran: So if this game was released on PS4. How would thetrophies be and would it have an easy or hard platinum trophy?
kaboka: Oh nice sounds like the same guy from the Stanly Parable
Indiankobran: Troy Baker?
Indiankobran: Have you decided on what you will do for the thursday stream yet, Dori?
kaboka: its definitely the same narrator, seems like the same kind of humor ^^
Indiankobran: Have you given Demon's Souls or Dark Souls any more thought?
over: yoyo
Indiankobran: You do have plenty of experience with Lords of the Fallen Dori.
Indiankobran: Hi there.
kaboka: haha
over: LOL
Dóri Halldórsson: heh
JonatannossreP: Använder man svenska eller engelska i chatten?
kaboka: what about some nintendo games? or not many fans of those here? :P
Dóri Halldórsson: English please
Dóri Halldórsson: working on a hardware solution to get that on stream
JonatannossreP: so the does the portal work both as a portal for new creatures and a "dungeon hearth"? Or is the hearth the throne room?
Indiankobran: Is this game on steam?
JonatannossreP: How does territory work in this game?
kaboka: The Stanly parable narrator made me alot more interrested in this game now :D
Indiankobran: All right then. Here comes THE question: How are the achivements in this game and is it easy or hard to get it to 100%
Indiankobran: ?
JonatannossreP: What is the exclamation marks that you add? Does that make that work task a higher priority?
over: Not a gamequestion, but a question to DORI.
JonatannossreP: ah, I guess it's the tutorial then
Indiankobran: So who or what is Troy Baker voicing in this game?
over: Steam and rockstar is banning people who are using mods in GTA 5, what do you thing of that ?
kaboka: The problem is you can use the mods online.
Indiankobran: They are? Now thats just dumb.
Indiankobran: Aha, I see the problem then.
JonatannossreP: How does territory work in this game? What limits where you can build and place your creatures.
over: Its singleplayer mods
JonatannossreP: it's "were" right? :D
over: People have ben banned for both online and singleplayer
over: been*
kaboka: Dori are you going to E3?
JonatannossreP: I meant more like what happens if you play against other players, in the dungeon keeper games you had to claim the area before you could build or drop your creature on that space.
kaboka: Lucky you :)
over: Red dead redemption 2!!! <3
over: cyberpunk 2077
kaboka: Fallout 4 i hope, ME 4, Cyberpunk 2077 now when witcher is out. Hopefully something new and awesome and more from Zelda :)
JonatannossreP: Is it just me or is the game laggy.
JonatannossreP: It's only from time to time thought, like in the battle you had a while ago. Never had any problem with Twitch, but I guess it's still can be me.
JonatannossreP: (I know this aint Twitch, but it's still a stream)
LaserDragon X: Hi Dori :) Nice game ^^ Not a fan of dungeon-games but nice to see you play something else out of the ordinary :)
LaserDragon X: They will showcase the new Zelda game in E3 next month ^^ The game will probably come out late 2015 or early 2016 :) And it looks great, I will buy a WiiU in a couple of months ^^ Playing Zelda and Mario games :D
LaserDragon X: Love the story-telling and funny puns ^^ Nice little game xD
LaserDragon X: Hmm..sound like the storyteller from "Stanley Parable". It must be the same voice! :P
kaboka: It have already been delayed to 2016, so Xenoblade X will be their big open world game this year ;)
LaserDragon X: Okay, I hope for Xenoblade Chonicles X for WiiU this year as I would love an Open World RPG for my WiiU :)
kaboka: Xenoblade is confirmed for this year, it came out in japan 5 days ago :)
kaboka: So prob winter here
kaboka: Since last trailer only said 2015 ^^ and there is alot of voicework
LaserDragon X: Okay, great :D Looking forward for it ^^
LaserDragon X: Someone else besides me that recognises the storyteller in this game from "Stanley Parable" :D
kaboka: Yea was the first thing i said when he started the stream :p
LaserDragon X: Okay, haha xD
LaserDragon X: Do you have any Steam ID kaboka? I can add we and we can play something together someday if you want? ^^
LaserDragon X: kaboka, you can add me on Steam if u want :)
LaserDragon X: See ya tomorrow! :D
Dóri Halldórsson: See you