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Join our Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled competition and find out whether you are one of the fastest behind the wheel of Activision and Beenox’ kart racer. So if you love to race and want to win great prizes, join us below.

Cool Prizes

Set the best time on the Crash Cove track with Pura as driver in the Adventure Classic Mode and win:

1st Prize: Collector’s Edition (Oxide Edition) + T-shirt + SteelSeries Arctic 1 Headset
2nd Prize: Standard game + T-shirt + SteelSeries Arctic 1 Headset
3rd Prize: Standard game + T-shirt + SteelSeries Arctic 1 Headset

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Note: Participants have to be at least 16 years old, or at least 13 years old + have their parents or legal guardian send a consent to participation and storage of contact info on [email protected] before sign up.


Rank Nickname Time Platform Country
1 MrSuperVilde 01:21:98 PS4 fi
2 Latsu7 01:22:23 SWITCH fi
3 Fluffy 01:22:43 SWITCH fi
4 Terppi87 01:23:08 PS4 fi
5 suprime12 01:23:68 PS4 fi
6 Ampu90 01:24:15 XBOX fi
7 Burtsi_90 01:24:71 PS4 fi
8 Sartonon 01:25:21 PS4 fi
9 Thoumi96 01:25:68 XBOX fi
10 Darkpappa13 01:26:39 PS4 dk
11 Hamis91 01:26:58 XBOX dk
12 Hegeliuz 01:26:58 PS4 fi
13 Rawly 01:26:70 SWITCH fi
14 JerQ_Q 01:26:75 PS4 fi
15 Maerkedahl 01:28:62 PS4 dk
16 blusp 01:28:75 PS4 fi
17 Panu2 01:31:52 PS4 fi
18 s37120 01:37:20 PS4 fi
19 Tonyyo 01:44:52 PS4 dk
20 Dyberg 01:51:77 PS4 dk

Signup and Qualifying

Register in the field below. Make sure that your email is correct. Put in your time on the time table (becomes available after signing up). Please upload your run to UserTV ( For PS4, PC and Xbox we need the entire run, for Switch the last 15 seconds including score board is acceptable, but the entire run is appreciated.

If you end up in top 10 - please send an email with a link to your userTV to [email protected]. If no video is available, the score is removed from the system and not valid. Multiple attempts at qualifying for a prize without video proof reults in a direct ban from the competition without warning.

Gamereactors normal Terms of Use apply.

If you’re 13-15 years old, you need consent from your parents to participate, please have them send an email to [email protected]
Terms of use

How to join the competition:

  • When: 26th of June, at 12:00, to 26th of July 2019, at 23:59.
  • Where: Anywhere you like to play.
  • Organiser: Gamereactor
  • Game: CTR Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled
  • Platform: On your PS4, PC, Xbox or Nintendo Switch.
  • Scoring: Fastest time on the Crash Cove track, using Pura as driver, in the Adventure Classic Mode. No boost or enchancements are allowed in any way, it must be 100% natural/vanilla. Items on the track itself are of course allowed, including speed pads and other items found in the level itself.
  • Elegibility: National citizens of, and living in, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, being at least 16 years old or at least 13 years old, with parents or legal guardians sending consent before sign up is done.