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ESL aligns with ESIC's guidelines on cheating

Including the unbanning of banned players.

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Earlier today we reported that ESIC had given the results of their survey on punishments for cheating in esports, including recommended sanctions for offences like match-fixing, cheating etc., and now ESL has announced it will align with these recommendations for their tournaments like Intel Extreme Masters and ESL One.

What this also means is that, according to ESIC's recommendations, ESL will lift the bans of all banned players after August 1, including ex-iBuyPower players. According to ESIC, this is because these bans were made were rules weren't as clear, so effectively this is a second chance with clear rules in place for those who offend.

Coming back to iBuyPower, former player Braxton 'swag' Pierce has already said on his Twitch stream that he and ex-teammates Sam 'DaZeD' Marine, and Keven 'azk' Lariviere are likely to play together in the future.

"We believe that integrity and fair play are of the utmost importance in esports, and our updated catalogue of sanctions reflects that commitment", said Ulrich Schulze, Senior Vice President Product at ESL. "All of these adjustments do not apply to bans and punishments issued by Valve directly though, which will still be in place for all Valve sponsored tournaments run by ESL, such as Majors."

Do you think banned players should return?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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