Seoul Dynasty release tobi

The Overwatch League veteran will not be playing for Seoul for the first time since the League began.

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The Seoul Dynasty Overwatch League team has announced its decision to release Jinmo "tobi" Yang from its line-up. After playing for the Dynasty since the Inaugural Overwatch League season, tobi will be looking for new opportunities elsewhere.

The announcement post detailing the decision reads: "Today, we bid farewell to a long-time member of the Seoul Dynasty team, Jinmo "tobi" Yang."

"A founding member of the team, tobi has seen the Seoul Dynasty through all of its victories, as well as defeats, and is the very embodiment of Seoul Dynasty's identity as a team. Over the past three years, tobi has shown both great fortitude in times of crisis as well as compassion for his teammates when they needed him the most. In many ways, tobi paved the way, not only for Seoul Dynasty but for the Overwatch League as a whole and now, as he parts ways with the team, he leaves behind a distinguished legacy of resilience, determination and empathy that will not be forgotten."

"We thank Jinmo "tobi" Yang for the contributions and sacrifices he has made for the Seoul Dynasty team, and we wish him nothing but the best as he continues his career as one of the most illustrious players of the Overwatch League."

Where do you think tobi will end up?

Photo: Seoul Dynasty

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