Red Bull Racing Esports show off new team kit

The kit is also no longer exclusive to drivers and is even available to purchase.

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The Red Bull Racing Esports team has launched a new kit, set to be worn by all nine of the esports drivers on the team's roster. The kit itself is also for the first time ever, not exclusive to drivers and is available for all fans to purchase, where the first 2,000 jerseys will have a special QR code printed on them for owners to access exclusive esports content on the Red Bull Racing Esports website.

The kit itself is said to be designed with performance enhancing fabrics, set to "give the Team the extra advantage to deliver on the virtual track."

"When we are driving and we have our jerseys or hoodies on, it makes you realise that you're part of something bigger and it's the same for the fans," said Marcel Kiefer, Red Bull Racing Esports driver in a press release. "It was super cool to be part of the process over the past months with Red Bull Racing Esports and hummel, being in the launch film and modelling the kit, it all feels so surreal and seeing it all come together has been really special. It's an exciting time for the entire Red Bull Racing Esports Team."

Red Bull Racing Esports show off new team kit

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