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Battlefield V

Ny Battlefield V-oppdatering forbedrer Firestorm

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev her!

* Påkrevd felt

En ny patch til Battlefield V har nå blitt sluppet og via Reddit får vi vite hva den inneholder:

Weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations
• Fixed an issue with a Boys AT Rifle Specialization which would cause it to do an incorrect amount of damage.

UI/HUD/Options/Assignments/Other changes
• Fixed an issue which made it impossible to reset Specializations.
• Players should now properly get the assignments tied to weapon progression. Previously, players could run into issues where they were not awarded properly.
• Firestorm - Players that leave the server will now drop their inventory on the ground.

Maps & Modes
• Firestorm - Fixed an exploit that would let players land on the map earlier than other players.
• Firestorm - Increased the draw distance of other players' parachutes, making it easier to see where they're heading from longer distances.

• Improved stability of Spectator mode.

Battlefield V

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