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Teca skriver kontrakt med Future FCs FIFA-lag

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev her!

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Astralis' Future FC-lag har avslørt at de har skrevet kontrakt med en helt ny spiller, nemlig Stephanie 'Teca' Luana da Silve Santos.

"When scouting players for our teams, we go by the exact same performance set-up. Whether it's for Astralis, Origen or Future FC it is all about skills, hunger to succeed and willingness to live like a professional," sier direktør Kasper Hvidt.

"When Astralis played in Sao Paulo earlier this year, we saw a massive amount of talent in the esports scene. We did our research and found Teca, who has all the trademarks of a true professional: She is a huge talent who has not had the optimal conditions, but still managed to show her in-game skills. After meeting her and presenting our approach to practice, physical and mental training online and offline, I had no doubt about bringing her onboard."

Teca kommer til å jobbe fra Sao Paulo, og har allerede startet på online-kvalifisering.

"Of course I've heard about the teams of Astralis Group, so when I was contacted by Kasper, I was both extremely happy but also a bit confused. It is really something special for me to become a part of a top professional set-up like the one in Astralis Group, and we've already started to implement some of the elements in the performance model. There is a lot to learn, but the team around the players in Astralis Group is extremely competent, so it's all about grabbing the opportunity and work hard," sier hun.

Photo: Future FC

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