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      Pepper Grinder

      Pepper Grinder (Gamescom 2023) - Gjør deg klar for graving uten stans!

      Til tross for hva det kan virke som, kan det å dykke ned i jordens dyp være like enkelt og tilfredsstillende som å svømme i vann. Tror du ikke på det? Så ta en titt på inntrykksvideoen vår og finn ut hvor gøy du kan ha det med dette nysgjerrige plattformspillet.

      Audio transcriptions

      "Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video in which we're going to talk today about a game that really surprised me Rebecca, but every game that you saw at Gamescom 2023 surprised you Yes, I know, but it was a really good Gamescom, okay?
      What do you want me to do if I enjoy most of the games that I saw there? I'm sorry But today we're going to talk about Peppergrinder, okay?
      I don't know what's happening to me, I'm sorry Peppergrinder is an action to the adventure blending traditional platforming with an alternate drilling mode that allows you to dive in and out of the earth just like, and I quote, a dolphin swims through water That quotation is really important because we did an interview to the developer team of the game and they told us that they've been inspired by Echo the Dolphin and that's why this movement seems like a dolphin swims through water and that was actually really interesting and I was really surprised when they told us and I don't know, it was so funny to just compare both movements one in the water and one completely in another different element which is earth, which can be like the opposite element but well, that's another thing That was just like, well, a fun fact, but the game is being developed by R-Egg and it's been published by Devolver Digital and it's supposed to be released at some point of next year, at some point of 2024 on PC and on Switch, as far as we know, okay?
      And well, what can I say about the game itself?
      The game itself is like an arcade game in which basically we'll have to complete levels to advance in the story, to advance in the game to basically progress and everything and we'll have to, as I've said at the beginning well, dive in and out of the earth, just like a dolphin to just get all the coins, to just defeat every enemy and just to, well, clean our way to the very end of the level and that mechanic, I have to say that at the beginning when I tried the game for the very first time it was a really, it was a really satisfying but also a difficult experience I mean, your first contact may be a little bit confusing sometimes and it's a little bit difficult to get used to the movement but, I mean, you just need, and I promise you like 5 to 10 minutes to just get used to it and after that, you'll be really, really comfortable just diving in and out of the earth and that's, after that, after you cross that point, okay and you, well, defeat that confusion if we can call it like that all the entire experience is so satisfying it's so fluent, okay, it's so smooth and actually, once you get used to the movement to the mechanics and to the gameplay itself you really want to, well, to experience at max, you know all the levels, okay why do I say that?
      because it's not just about, well, just getting through all the obstacles just, well, reaching every platform which is sometimes a little bit tricky and just ending the level it's all about completing everything if you want to, of course but you can obviously improve your scores you can pick up all the coins you can find secret pirate coins and basically, well, pick up all the collectibles and all that and that makes the experience so complete so complex sometimes but so funny and satisfying and, I don't know, as I've said once you get through that confusion and that fear of not knowing where your where your dream is going to lead you and all that, okay it's so funny and so satisfying and obviously, if we talk about the environment that surrounds all this gameplay and all this experience we're talking about a super beautiful and super complete environment, okay it's all built with this beautiful pixel art but so detailed all the enemies are so weird but so cute in its own way and so weird at the same time that just makes you stop sometimes to just pay attention to those tiny enemies and say, okay, what's following me?
      what's that thing?
      I want to know and you have to stop and then you'll probably die and you'll have to repeat it and that's what's going to make your experience so funny and so entertaining just paying attention to all the elements all the enemies and all the things that just surround you while you try to complete the level without stopping because you can't stop at any moment, okay you're just going to you obviously can create a loop, okay for example, if you have an open area an open earth area you can just dive in and out until you think you're ready to just reach that other earth area for example, that it's at the upper part of the screen, etc but you cannot stop, okay you cannot stop in a platform and say okay, I'm going to think because that's probably going to kill you or that's probably going to make you go back again to the earth and just pick up the well, just pick up just speed up, better said again, for just reaching that higher part and as I've told you maybe it can seem or it can look a little bit difficult or complex at first sight but it's so funny it's so satisfying and really easy to get used so I would say that's it in general I have not so many things to say about this game because unfortunately I wasn't able to just play it that much or as much as I wanted because it looked really interesting but we were in a hurry and basically I was able to play a couple of levels but as I've said I don't have anything else to say that it was a super beautiful and a super funny title which is going to well, to take out the best or the worst of everyone, okay because it's going to make you feel frustrated but at the same time satisfied at the same time it's going to well, it's going to give you some funny moments some really entertaining hours and well, I think you're going to be so satisfied just by the point of completing levels and all that and as I've said you can just complete again every level just picking up every collectible, etc it can be as challenging as you want to, okay it's not thought for just being frustrating or just complex you can just pick up the way that suits you better I mean, if you don't want to complete anything and you just want to complete every level and end the game, you can do it but if you want to improve your scores and pick up all the collectibles you can do it and it's going to take you longer but maybe it's going to make your experience even better so that's up to you but I would say that it's a really cool title for, well, maybe Ecco the Dolphin's fans to just revive that experience no, relieve that experience and just for platformers fans, basically because it's a different mechanic it's a super fluent and sometimes challenging mechanic it's going to, well, prove your reflexes and prove your patience sometimes but it's going to give us great moments and a lot of hours of entertainment all surrounded by a really cool soundtrack a really cool music behind and a really cool environment and art style so I have anything else to say more than give it a try at the very first time that you can I don't know if there'll be a demo available at some point but if you discover it at some point of next year before its official release date please give it a try because you're going to enjoy it a lot for sure if you're a platforming fan or if you're an Ecco the Dolphin fan, as I've said and that's it and stay tuned because as I've said at the beginning it's going to be released at some point of 2024 it's going to be available on PC and on Switch as far as we know, ok?
      and that would be it guys, give it a try if you're a pirate adventure fan if you're a 2D platforming fan or if you're an Ecco the Dolphin fan you have to try out this game because you're going to love it so there you have it I have anything else to say I mean, nothing negative, nothing weird I didn't have any complaint or whatever I just had fun I really wanted to keep playing even though we didn't have the time but it felt so fluent, so frenetic, so dynamic and so... I don't know so special in its own way so there you have it I really hope that you've enjoyed this well, this Game Reactor Games Compressions video I really hope that now you know a little bit more about Peppergrinder or at least you know what to expect from it if it's a frenetic title if it's dynamic, if it's not if it's challenging, etc and well, I remind you that it's a game developed by REC and published by Devolver Digital that will be released at some point of 2024 so stay tuned wishlist right now and as I've said, if you're a platformer fan just give it a try, please because you're not going to regret it and that would be it a super beautiful, frenetic, dynamic title that's coming really soon and that you have to try out and that's it thank you so much for being here see you in the next Game Reactor Games Compressions video and well, we'll keep you updated always, you know that give it a check at our Game Reactor Domain of Choice if you want to know more about all these Games Comp titles that we've discovered if you want to watch all our interviews, etc and see you really, really soon, my guys thank you for everything have fun, take care see you next time bye-bye!"