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Come watch the Rebirth Island Rumble !

Join us for a chance to win Astro Gaming gear when we livestream 9 Nordic Teams, battling it out for not only Astro Gear, but also ice cold cash

On the 18th of December at 17-20 CET we celebrate the launch of Season One with a Rebirth Island tournament, and you can watch the Rebirth Island Rumble tournament right here on our livesite. Sweden is represented by teams led by Michi, Dopest and Tejbz, while Norwary is represented by ThomasPaste, Amelie Snøløs and Sunni. From Denmark hails Jaxstyle, and Finland has sent in AndyPyro and LaeppaStream.

During the livestream, we will pick out the most remarkable comment, that be the most funny, most in-depth trivia or just the most spot-on comment for what is happening on the battlefield, and reward it with a Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War A10 headset from Astro Gaming.


Winner Team: 3x Astro Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War A10 Headset + 1600 euro.

2nd place team: 3x Astro Call of Duty®: Black Ops: Cold War A10 Headset + 800 Euro.


The Rebirth Island Rumble is a tournament, focusing on the new Rebirth Island map in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Nine selected streamer teams will battle it out for both cash prizes and the Astro Gaming Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War edition A10 headsets. Gamereactor will livestream all, and during the livestream, you have the opportunity to win a headset as well.

We will be streaming from 17-20 CET, so come join us on the most anticipated map for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Season One takes the Call of Duty story around the globe from Rebirth Island to The Pines shopping mall in New Jersey, where Stitch and his followers are brewing up enough bioweaponry to bring the world one step closer to doomsday.

Read up on Season One’s newest intel:

  • New free-to-play Warzone Map: Rebirth Island.

  • New Multiplayer Maps: Plow through a Garden State mall in The Pines, jump into a beloved classic in Raid, and set it off in the festive Nuketown ‘84 Holiday seasonal map. Later in the season, fight through a massive new Fireteam map.

  • New Free Weapons: Break out of your comfort zone with the super-high fire rate Mac 10 SMG at Tier 15 and handle the lightning with the versatile Groza Assault Rifle at Tier 31.

  • Gunfight Mode: A 2v2 battle to the death, where the last one standing is victorious. Season One brings four brand new Gunfight maps, including Game Show, where not everyone can be a winner.

  • New Operator: Unlock Stitch instantly by purchasing the Season One Battle Pass, then level up to unlock his Legendary Operator Skin at Tier 100.


Date: 18/12 2020

Participants: pre-invited

Time: 17-20 CET

Gamemode is Battle Royal, Trio – three people per team. The team’s matches played during the livestream will be used to score each team. Map is Rebirth Island.

Crossplatform must be turned on.


Top 5 = +5 points

Kill = +1 point

Win = 8 points

Only matches starting at 17 CET counts, no matches starting after 19.50 CET counts. Matches must be completed to count. If teams are tied, the following points will be used as tiebreakers.


If teams are tied, the following points will be used as tiebreakers.

  • Most wins total

  • Highest combined kills in top three games

In case the rules do not cover a situation, GR staff will make a ruling. In case the rules are unclear, GR will interpret. No protest is possible.

You must be visible and trackable on COD Tracker and . , You can follow this guide:

Only completed matches count, and only the three highest scoring matches are calculated for each teams final score. Quitting of any team member before the Scoreboard is displayed will make that round invalid.

Support is handled via a closed Discord channel

Meet the teams

Contry: DK
Team Leader: Jaxstyle
Twitch Channel:

Contry: SE
Team Leader: Michi
Twitch Channel:

Contry: FI
Team Leader: LaeppaStream
Twitch Channel:

Contry: NO
Team Leader: ThomasPaste
Twitch Channel:

Contry: NO
Team Leader: Amelie Snøløs
Twitch Channel:

Contry: SE
Team Leader: DOPEST
Twitch Channel:

Contry: NO
Team Leader: Sunni
Twitch Channel:

Contry: SE
Team Leader: Tejbz
Twitch Channel: